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Winter Activities That Make Coronado Paradise All Year Long

Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

While the rest of the country bundles up to watch temperatures continually dip into dismal lows, in Southern California we keep our shorts out and our flip-flops handy all winter. In fact, January proves to be the sunniest month year after year.


That makes for perfect beach lounging weather!


If you’re looking to escape the gloomy winter and frigid temperatures, we invite you to consider escaping to Coronado. With temperatures rarely dipping below 65, our winter averages hover right around 70 degrees from November to February. Add this into the myriad of seasonal activities to enjoy and your trip to Southern California will highlight all the reasons why we really are paradise.



Lounge at the Beach

Once the frost starts to set in, you’ll be dreaming of the sounds of waves crashing against the beach and that soft hint of salt in the air. It’s why so many individuals purchase calendars filled with golden beaches to fight away the winter blues.


In Coronado, our only winter blues are the various shades of the glorious Pacific Ocean. With little ones in school and the tourist season winding down, you’ll be enjoying the advantage of having the beach practically to yourself.



Take Nine on the Golf Course

Perhaps the most coveted of summer activities comes on the golf course. While the nine iron disappears to the garage in the north, down south we can perfect our game all winter. Choosing to golf at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course will keep your game from getting rusty while treating you to stunning views of the San Diego Bay.


Just make sure to not let the views of the bay distract you while on the green. Few fellow golfers will award a mulligan for enjoying the scenery.



Enjoy Our Famous Regional Attractions 

From savoring the sweeping views of Point Loma to delighting at the magical creatures inhabiting the San Diego Zoo, all of the highlights in the region are open during the winter season. In fact, oftentimes, visitors during this season have even better experiences. With low tourist season in full effect, you’ll side step the crowds.


It’s not uncommon for many of the venues to host special holiday festivities. From Jungle Bells to Balboa Park’s December Nights, there are countless events to choose from.



Jet Skiing on the Bay

For the adventurous individual looking to indulge in our range of action sports, jet skiing is just the ticket. Feel the roar of power as you race around the bay. Make sure to pause the need for speed every now and then to look out to see if you can spot any of our wildlife. Dolphins and sea lions are just a few of the playful creatures to grace our waters.



Planning Your Winter Getaway 

Escape to a land where locals don’t know what a windshield scrapper is and have shorts as the centerpiece of their year-long wardrobe. While friends back home are braving negative temperatures to reach their cars, you’ll be walking around our sun-drenched island making your way to the beach.


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