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Best Places to Visit by Bike in Coronado

Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

Picture yourself on a weekday afternoon packing a picnic to explore the highlights of Southern California. You head out on bike, enjoying the historic architecture on the way to the beach. You pause to take in the scenery before heading to explore the views from the bay. What better place for lunch than the gazebo in the park?

Can you see it? Doesn’t that fresh ocean air feel good?

In Coronado, that’s a typical pastime. And it can become your reality when you book your beach vacation here! Below we’ve charted out a beautiful afternoon bike ride around the island. Lucky for you, Coronado Inn is centrally located to all of your favorite hot spots. 


Hotel Del Coronado


This iconic landmark slips into view as you drive over the Coronado Bridge. From that angle, you can see the majestic presence. The view from the bridge has nothing on the close-up view.

When you bike from the Coronado Inn, you will be approaching the Hotel Del from the north. We actually recommend that you go straight from the Coronado Inn east to the beach. The intersection of Isabella Ave and Ocean Blvd is your ideal landing point.

Then turn to the south on the boardwalk. The Hotel Del will be awaiting your arrival. It will grow more magnificent as your approach.


The Silver Strand


If you’re up for a longer ride, continue from the Hotel Del south to the Silver Strand Blvd. This stretch goes all the way to Imperial Beach. This route has a great bike path for you to enjoy. Unless you are looking for a very extended ride, we recommend using the Silver Strand State Beach as your turning point. To the turning point back to the Hotel Del is ten miles round trip. You’re going to enjoy sweeping views of both the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Bay.


Spreckels Park


One of the best parts of a bike ride is when you get to pause and enjoy your destination. Spreckels Park is a sweet spot for exactly this. Lock up your bike. Sit back. Enjoy.

Most guests draw near the gazebo. If you have kids in tow, the playground will be your focus point.

Especially if you take the extended Silver Strand trek, by this point you are probably ready for lunch! Few activities compare to eating lunch at the park. Hopefully you packed a picnic. If not, here are some great places to grab food to go:


  • Clayton’s Mexican Food - 1107 10th St, Coronado
  • Avenue Subs - 878 Orange Ave, Coronado
  • Which Which - 926 Orange Ave, Coronado


Ferry’s Landing


If you’ve gone in order, then you will head back in the direction of the Coronado Inn to hit Ferry’s Landing. This is a great one to complete mid to late afternoon. Not only will you get to enjoy all of the highlights of Ferry’s Landing, once the sun slips behind the horizon, the entire San Diego skyline lights up.

When it comes to dusk, the beach gets all the attention for the sunsets. Don’t get us wrong, they are stunning! We highly encourage you to hit the beach for sunsets when possible, but don’t underestimate the breathtaking scenery across the bay. That gem is best viewed from Ferry’s Landing.


Where to Park Your Bikes for the Night


After a long day exploring, it always feels magical to come to back to your home away from home. For the most budget friendly option with incredible amenities, choose Coronado Inn.

We offer free WiFi, continental breakfast, a swimming pool and BBQ area. Since we are so conveniently located, you can use us as your launching point to all the island favorite spots. Leave the car in our free parking and explore by foot or bike! 

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